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You can bring your documents to our office in the very centre of Warsaw or just send us a scan. We’re open from 8am to 8pm every working day. We speak English!

We also offer top-quality technical, marketing and business translation as well as interpreting services.

Warsaw, ul. Żurawia 26, apt. 10, 4th floor

We provide sworn translation from all popular languages into Polish and vice versa.

We guarantee the most competitive prices on the market and quick delivery of your documents.

How can I get a sworn translation?

The process is very simple:

  • Send us a scan of your documents by email or bring them to our office in the very centre of Warsaw: str. Żurawia 26, apt. 10 (4th floor)

  • We issue an invoice which you can pay by cash, PayPal or bank transfer

  • We send you the completed and certified translation by post or courier, or you can pick it up from our office from 8am to 8 pm every working day.

What are the rates for sworn translation?

  • English, German, Russian

    and Ukrainian into Polish*:

    from 34 PLN**

    + 23% VAT per page

    (1125 characters a page)

  • Polish into English, German,

    Russian and Ukrainian*:

    from 39 PLN**

    + 23% VAT per page

    (1125 characters a page)

* The minimum prices are applied to non-urgent orders with five and more pages. In case of urgent orders and/or 1-4 pages orders the prices can be 15-75% higher.

We offer generous discounts for the orders with more than 15 pages.

Prices for other language pairs will be negotiated based on each project.

Our prices for interpreting start from 200 PLN + 23% VAT per hour.
The costs for courier or post service are not included and will be negotiated depending on your location.

About us


Oleg Semerikov, founder and owner of translation agency in Poland

Oleg Semerikov, founder and owner of Translators Family

Translators Family is a boutique translation agency specialising in translation and localisation services between English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and other European languages.

The agency is founded and managed by Oleg Semerikov, a professional translator, who moved his business to Poland from Ukraine. As an expat himself, Oleg understands that people who come to work or study in Poland need quick and affordable translation services. That’s why he chose to offer sworn translations at affordable prices with a simple ordering process and quick turnaround.

Aside from sworn translation, Translators Family offers specialist translation (business and technical), as well as a number of related services designed to maximise value and convenience for our clients. These include desktop publishing (DTP), website and software localisation, multilingual search engine optimisation (SEO), copywriting, transcreation, transcription, subtitling, and more.

If you’re interested in specialist translation and localisation services please take a look at our website www.translatorsfamily.com.

What is sworn translation?

Sworn translation aims for “legal equivalence” in a translation: a guarantee that the translation of a document will have the same legal effect, to the greatest possible extent, as the source version.

When do you need the services of a sworn translator in Poland?

Poland is an example of a country with a well-regulated system of sworn translation. Polish translators can opt to be certified at the Ministry of Justice, granting them the right to serve as sworn translators.


Polish authorities will not recognise official documents such as birth certificates and universities won’t accept diplomas from foreign countries unless such documents have been translated by a certified sworn translator. Sworn translators in Poland have the same power as a notary public to certify with their signature and stamp the documents they have translated.

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Warsaw, ul. Żurawia 26, apt. 10, 4th floor